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This video proves beyond all doubt that a majority of American deaths in Iraq were caused by Israeli/Rothschild snipers, shooting American troops to piss them off and make them kill Iraqis in a rampage.

This is horrible damning footage that could force an end to Israeli/Rothschild aggression as we have known it, Fat chance justice will be served, but when you see this you will KNOW who the terrorists are.

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Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

Emilie Parker Photoshop Group Photo Hi Rez-B

Examining the sloppy Photoshop insertion of Murdered child, Emilie Parker into a Parker Family photo.



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Sandy Hook: Rosen and the Parker

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Real Questions Now

The Famous Rosen:

GENE ROSEN: owner of a pet sitting service of Newtown, CT (blatantly contradicting the media’s impression that he was a retired psychologist). He had some experience as a theatrical actor and director of the local cable television station and may possibly be a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG).

A now cached form of a news page detailing his cable network and acting affiliations.


Rosen’s story is that he lives right behind the fire station that is approximately 30 feet from his house. After the shooting, 6 – 11 students walked to his house (depending on the interview because he changes the number of children). In one interview, they were escorted by a man and a unidentified female bus driver. Rosen says that the children were calm. He took them into his house to play with his toys and then they began to cry…

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Stop MK ULTRA Programs NOW!

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Comment by Rachael: 2012/01/12 at 5:13 am

On one thing you are mistaken: MK Ultra and radiation human experimentation were admitted to by our government during the President’s Advisory Committee On Human Radiation Experiments in 1995. The testimonies are available on video go to YouTube or other such sites and view testimonies. Many documented victims were intimidated covertly into not appearing at this committee and not being part of the class action lawsuit. Obviously they titled it only to deal with radiation so it further hides the mind control experimentation from the public or confuses curious people reading up on this subject. They should have been military tribunals but that was part of the scam and cover up-right under our noses. And victims got paid off but NO ONE INVOLVED EVER GOT TRIED FOR WAR CRIMES.
Therapists can’t treat Ritual Abuse survivors without fear of losing licenses but perps from…

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The Day The Twin Towers Fell

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Iconic Photos

9/11 was painful — but so was the harried decade that followed it.

(continued from yesterday; some may find some images that follow disturbing)

Magnum’s Thomas Hoepker crossed from Manhattan into Queens and then Brooklyn to get closer to the scene. In Williamsburg, he captured the above pastoral scene, but decided to hold back the photo, feeling that it was “ambiguous and confusing.” When finally published on 9/11’s fifth anniversary, the calm scene seemingly challenged the conventional wisdom that “nothing in America will ever be the same again”.

On the first glance, the photo espoused the quintessentially Seidfeldian — and by extension, New Yorkian — values of nihilism. Accordingly, Frank Rich opened the debate by saying the photograph is a prescient symbol of indifference and amnesia: “This is a country that likes to move on, and fast. The young people in Mr. Hoepker’s photo aren’t necessarily callous. They’re just…

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Fellowship of the Minds

This is deeply weird stuff.

Remember this image (below) that is seared into our collective memory?


The above is a photo taken at the finish line of last Monday’s Boston Marathon — and also the site of the first bomb blast.

Here’s another view of the finish line, showing the second bomb explosion about 180 yards down the block, 13 seconds later.

Boston Marathon bombing

Take a good look at the above pic.

Now look at this pic below, from Google Map:

666 Boylston St

It’s the same location.

Do you know how I found that image from Google Map?

I found it when I typed the address “666 Boylston St., Boston, MA” in the search bar on Google Map.

Go ahead and verify it for yourself: https://maps.google.com/

From Wikipedia: “During the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013, two bombs exploded, killing 3 people and injuring 282 others. The bombs exploded thirteen seconds…

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